Pre and Post-natal

The onset of pregnancy worries many women when it comes to exercise. They want to stay healthy and in-shape, but don’t know what exercises will best work for them as their body changes throughout their pregnancy.

However, the right kind of training and exercises during pregnancy have many benefits – training keeps you mobile and flexible, helps with posture and alignment whilst avoiding pains in the lower back and pelvis. It also strengthens the pelvic floor, your core and and joints, increases your energy levels and improves your mood.

I like to focus on functional movements so that you gain an understanding of how to look after and support your body whilst going about your daily activities (i.e. walking up or down stairs, carrying bags or children, doing housework etc.)

Post-natal training focusses on slowly building up and regaining strength, allowing your body to recover whilst giving it the time to recuperate following childbirth.

And your little one is always welcome to join the session!

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